Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Algebra II Class Requirements:

  • 3 Ring Binder for interactive notes (I would recommend a 1/2 inch binder since they seem to take the most backpack abuse)
  • Pencils  with erasers  (making mistakes and having to correct them seems to be common theme in life, not just in Algebra II)
  • Graphing Calculator:  PLEASE DO NOT GO OUT AND BUY A $100 CALCULATOR,  Students need a minimum of a TI-81 graphing calculator (which means their older brother's or cousin's will work just fine)  
IF your student is planning on taking advanced math classes as a senior or in college you may want to invest in a TI-84 Plus CE calculator and I would probably be tempted to buy a case for it.

IF your student is not planning on studying Engineering, Science, or Mathematics in college, I would use an older sibling's calculator or purchase an inexpensive calculator like a TI-83 Plus.

Students may also RENT a TI-83 calculator from school for $20.